Can Content Be The Key to Marketing Success for My Small Business?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “content is king.” In the world of online marketing, this is a phrase we use very often. The reason the internet is so useful is because of all the content that make it a beautiful place. Creating content provides value to the user, help demonstrate expertise, improve brand awareness and overall online performance.

Content can help your business generate more leads for your local business, or even get you more sales online for your fashion boutique. If you’ve ever felt like you’re trying lots of different techniques to help boost your online marketing performance with no success, then maybe you’re lacking something in your marketing campaign – the content creation.

Is Content Marketing Better Than Online Advertising?

When building your presence online, it could be difficult for your business to stand out in the over-crowded digital platforms. Most users are developing ad blindness these days as a result of being bombarded with hundreds of ads on Facebook when you’re just trying to take a look at your niece’s wedding pictures. Ads are starting to fall short of building brand awareness, especially if they are running on a tight budget. Creating compelling content that offer valuable insights to your target audience is the go-to method for local businesses looking to raise more awareness without spending most of your marketing budget competing with much larger businesses..

When you start creating relevant content, your business is more likely to be found online, by people who might need your services. As a local business, you have the opportunity to specialize in certain things unlike giant corporations, and this means that the content you create will be considered more relevant to your audience.

Now, let’s take a quick look at why content marketing can be the key to success for your small business.

According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is shown to get three times more leads than paid search advertising. This is not the only shocking statistic about content marketing that will change the way people think about marketing strategy. Marketers who prioritized blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot, 2019)

When we stop thinking of marketing as dumping money into ad campaigns and start to think about how content should be in the center of your marketing strategy, you’ll soon discover the diversity of content out there.

Creating content such as blog posts, videos, webinars, white papers, social media posts, is said to be at the heart of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. Other content types such as podcasts, Facebook live streams and Instagram stories have surfaced in the recent years, which means that content marketers have to constantly evolve and adapt, while still maintaining their edge using the unique values about your business, such as an inspiring story, mission or the creativity that goes into content creation.

Now, here’s one thing a lot of companies don’t realize; content can really help your paid efforts, by allowing you to establish trust and authority given that your content offers some value to your audience. Sharing what you know demonstrates your ability to deliver on your promises, and positions your personal or corporate brand as experts in the field. So, it doesn’t really make sense to consider these two elements of your marketing mix as two separate things. Let your efforts work together, offline, online & on any channel or medium.

What Makes Content Go Viral Online?

There are thousands of reasons why content go viral online. Some businesses have a very unique story that trigger emotions, some others find unorthodox ways of delivering content that are much more effective. Understanding your target audience is a key indicator of content marketing success. You should assess what type of content your audience expects from you, what type of content would enhance their lives in a way that no other company can, and what’s the best way to deliver content to them? You also need to make sure the content is placed where they can access it easily. If most of your audience are millennials, Snapchat could be a much better option than placing an article in a magazine.

For example, one of our amazing clients, Kabobi Go, has an inspiring mission that helped them build a community around their brand. The owner of this fast-casual restaurant had one thing in mind years before they opened- he wanted to make organic food accessible for everyone. He believed in the phrase “you become what you eat.” and wanted to build an establishment that nourishes the community around it by feeding them the best possible ingredients.

This was a great start. In order to better tell their story, we decided to communicate with our audience using video content on Facebook. The story was one that the community enjoyed hearing about. Our videos left them inspired. We figured that this was the reason why most of their content went viral, racking up over a thousand likes and 300+ shares on some of their content! Another thing we need to mention is the fact that they were still months from opening their doors for the first time by the time they hit 2,000 fans on Facebook.

Kabobi Go and its owner were able to connect with their audience on a deeper level through content marketing, and we are so excited to see this brand become successful. This example shows that creating content does not only allow you to build customer trust, but also encourages them to take action.

In What Ways Can Content Marketing Bring in More Business?

Integrating content when marketing your small business online is a very effective technique especially if customers are in the market for a product or a service that your company offers. Your top content can get you ranked on search engines such as Google, however, it is important to note the significance of Search Engine Optimization techniques to improve your chances of ranking. The more valuable, engaging, and relevant your content is, the more it would attract viewers and be shared online which are known to boost rankings on Google.

Imagine being ranked #1 for “Best coffee in Seattle”. Hundreds of people search for this phrase on search engine every single week, and if you are the top result, chances are you’ll capture a good chunk of these potential customers. This would be a huge boost to your coffee shop and creating the best content can make people consider your coffee as the best one in town!

Content Marketing is an Essential Element of Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Our experience with most small businesses has shown that most business owners try to do good things and help make their marketing campaigns a success, but they often struggle finding that secret ingredient to skyrocket their business. Despite all the different things they do, it always seems like they are missing something. They still believe in the power of digital marketing, because when you see all these companies become huge hits prove the potential of the area.

Content is one element that can help improve the overall success of your marketing efforts, but you need to make sure you have the right strategy for all platforms, which we think is the key to success that most small businesses are not aware of.

When crafting your marketing strategy, make sure to include your approach towards content, and try to find creative ways of establishing relationships with your customers. Follow your strategy, adjust if necessary but make sure you are always creating amazing content that resonate with your audience.