Small business owners who want to scale their business usually run into a problem where they are not getting enough leads that are of high quality. Ege Ayan, the founder of Locate Marketing shares some insights on how to get more leads using some proven optimization techniques and tips for small business owners who don’t have much experience with advanced marketing techniques.

Interviewer: How can business owners get more leads online?

Ege: Well first of all, you need to have a great website. That’s where it all begins. You need to make sure you are promoting your business on the relevant platforms that are relevant to your niche, and you’re really getting the results from there. You need to adjust your strategy based on the data you get.

Ege: If you’re not very familiar with advanced metrics, just looking at return on investment is going to be sufficient. That’s going to give you an idea of where you are making the most amount of money, and what’s working, what’s not working. Then you can decrease your spend on campaigns that are not getting you anywhere.

Let’s say you are getting 100 leads from a campaign that you’re running, sounds great right? But, if these leads cost $100 each, and your average customer pays you $200, will you be happy with the number of leads you are getting? If 1 out of every 10 leads become a client, you are making $2000, and spending $1000. Your gross profit is $1,000, but you just spent 50% of your revenue in ad spend. Most businesses have profit margins less than 35%, you should never spend a significant portion of your revenue in ad spend to keep your business profitable.

This chart will evaluate and compare sample campaigns where one of them is not making your company any money, one of them is most likely not profitable and another making $4 for every $1 you spend, less administrative expenses.

Ege: Those are some basic tips to get started and start increasing the leads you get for your business.

Interviewer: How can I optimize my landing pages?

Ege: The easiest thing to do is use feedback from your sales team because they are the ones who are talking to potential clients all the time, so they hear about the challenges they are facing, the solutions that they’re looking for, and who these people are. They are the ones who connect with them, so you just need to utilize feedback from them, adjust the content that’s on the landing page. That’s just going to make your landing pages more relevant to the visitors.

You need to analyze some reasons why they are on that page, why they are looking for your services, and you also need to include feedback and reviews from past clients with similar experiences. If potential clients see that people just like them had to go through the same exact process then they’re going to be more inclined to move forward with you because of your past results. Story-telling is a great method to make this even better. Stories help your audience better understand the message you are trying to give, and also makes your claims more credible in their eyes.

Interviewer: What if I’m getting a lot of leads from my digital marketing campaign, but these don’t result in new clients for my business. What am I doing wrong?

Ege: There might be a couple reasons. First of all, you need to make sure that your leads are high quality. They need to be legit because you see a lot of bots generating fake leads, but if that’s not the case, which more often than not isn’t, you need to make sure to reevaluate your lead nurturing process. The first thing you should look into is how long you take to reach out to these potential clients, these leads. You need to respond quickly. You also need to follow-up with a great email sequence in the form of a funnel.

Ege: SMS is a great way to keep leads interested in your services, and prevent them from searching for other businesses that provide the same service. It has been shown that they yield to higher open rates compared to email marketing campaigns. People spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, which is why reaching them on their mobile phone is a great idea. It’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to reach them. They’re going to read your message.

Ege: One other trick that you can use is to make your funnels as personalized as possible, so whenever you’re sending emails or text messages it should be anything but generic. If you can include a solution in there, or mention their situation, use their name, and use whatever data you have, that’s going to be very helpful to grab their attention. When you have their attention it’s easier for you to keep that engagement going and deliver your message. You need to emphasize on the solutions for their specific problems.

Ege: Those are a couple things that you can do, but there are way too many techniques that you can use and you really need to identify why these leads aren’t turning into new clients for you.