Our Success Roadmap: Why We Outperform & What That Means For You

Working on the brand side of marketing, partnering up with agencies- I always felt like something was slowing us down. I wanted to help the brand grow, but it was almost as if there were barriers to our growth. Campaigns were getting done, small adjustments were being completed, but I just knew that this was not the recipe for explosive growth.

When I started Locate, I carried that experience with me, and turn it into something that could one day be a part of our company culture. That thing is, never-ending commitment to staying agile no matter what. Although for many this could sound like a buzzword, it means the world to us and our clients alike. It means that when we face marketing challenges, we are not afraid to introduce an out-of-the-box strategy, even if it means we have to change things up a little bit.

Cookie-cutters are meant for cookies, not marketing. And yes, it makes our lives easier as marketers, when we do the same thing for every problem. The question is, however, whether that is the goal. Do you want to work with a team trying to minimize the effort required to barely complete a project- or a team that will take risks to make sure the right strategy is being applied for the unique challenge you are facing? In many cases, a lot of your competitors will face the same challenges, but none of them will go this far to solve it. And that right here, is why we can outperform competition on a constant basis. That is what motivates us, and we will never stop looking for ways to help you dominate.

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Another important factor that really helps us is data. We let data tell us what the problem is. The next step is to apply a potential solution, or multiple, usually. In the end, we let data tell us if it worked.

Now, this is an endless cycle, because there is a problem where there is no growth. Working with us, you’ll see that we usually have a very long list of issues that require short-term or long-term fixes, which in turn would help you reach your business goals when fixed. We find that identifying issues is key to implementing the right solutions.

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