Kabobi Go X Locate

Building a Community Around a Brand.


Introducing Something New

In Lodi, CA, locals are experiencing a restaurant unlike any other: a brand built by a war refugee who ended up in California, who had been in the restaurant industry ever since. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he waited for the perfect time to start his own restaurant- which would reflect his vision and life experiences. His dedication to helping others around you might have stemmed from the obstacles he had to overcome since a very young age.

When we first met Mokhtar, he had a lease for the space, and that was the only thing he had except his dream of enhancing and nourishing the community that supported him throughout the years. He wanted to build something different, in every aspect.


Unleashing the Power of Social Media

Our first 5-6 meetings with him were all about his vision. He wanted to make sure we were aware of what he was trying to do. Not even once he mentioned anything about profits, and good intentions were the main talking point of every conversation. We learned so much from him, and truly understood the issues with the food we consume. He wanted to give people the option of 100% organic, clean, healthy food. Not just for a certain group either- he created something for everyone, no matter if you were vegan or had gluten allergies.

His flavor-packed meals were a hit even before he officially launched. Learning about what this restaurant stood for, he had thousands of fans even before Kabobi Go was open for business. Together with Mokhtar, we wanted to create content that tells the story of his brand. Our very first video hit almost 1,000 likes and 340 shares with an engagement rate through the roof, and a very low cost per action. Our whole team was so excited for Mokhtar that this brand was all we were talking about for days. 1 out of ever 4 people we reached had something positive and supportive to say about this restaurant. We were spending hours and hours talking to locals who had been asking for the opening date.

Facebook Fans
5-Star Reviews
Engagement Rate

Behind the Scenes: Road to Social Media Success

At Locate, we were working behind the scenes pinpointing the segments who were likely to enjoy what we were promoting. Clean eating is an important concept for most but finding the right messages to promote this brand was the key. We combined great content with our precise targeting techniques to help Mokhtar expand his audience. After all, his goal was to help people as much as possible.

The community was starting to shape for Kabobi Go. Building the community around this brand was the first step to achieving the dream he had for years before this all became a reality. When they finally opened their doors, Mokhtar and his team not only lived up to the expectations, but also crushed them. His food, with all its organic ingredients and carefully chosen spices packed so much flavor that people loved healthy and organic food after a long time. They believed in Mokhtar’s vision and become our advocates on online platforms. We now have an army of locals who will keep promoting this brand, helping spread the good intentions and the lessons we want to promote.

We all saw that even such a small establishment can inspire thousands of people and make a positive difference in many ways. Mokhtar created a very positive atmosphere for its visitors, handpicked every single ingredient and spent days trying to source the best ones out there. We are honored to have helped enable his brand on online platforms which really helped this brand reach most of its loyal fans, and all of us at Locate are proud to contribute to Mokhtar’s vision.


Kabobi Go is an accumulation of my experiences
and knowledge in my career that has finally come to life. I wanted to build a business where the intention of it was more important than the business itself. The intention of Kabobi Go is to feed and nourish our community.

Mokhtar Amin