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Precision in Aesthetics, Precision in Marketing.


Understanding the Patients

“Patients are our universe” is the phrase that best describes Gill Aesthetic Institute- bringing all the cutting-edge medical equipment to Lodi to provide their patients with minimally invasive procedures that change lives.

We love the phrase, and it really helped our team create strategies to better connect with their patients. Understanding their problems, feelings, and need for empowerment were key to our messaging. When a company has the potential to make such impact on their patients’ lives, the marketing strategy has to prioritize one critical thing: empathy.

To better connect with our potential patients, we had to think like them. Feel what they feel, know their struggles and what goes on in their minds. We knew what we had to do: use data and a lot of brainstorming to create personas that represent their patients, so we know what they need us to do, and say to help them in the best ways possible.


The Creative Process: Use Data, Create Art

Aesthetics is a combination of science and art, at least that’s what we think. We all have aspirations, and using the latest wonders of science  is what helps Dr. Ruby and her team turn them into reality.

Creating the content for Gill Aesthetic Institute, we wanted to follow a process that mimics theirs. Use science, create art. What we realized was, anything we create can represent our patients’ emotional journey, and also inspire them.

We gathered all the data and research we could find, got some coffee, and put all our creativity into creating “art” that would explain what we are about at Gill Aesthetic Institute.




Solving Problems That Matter


Aesthetics is an area which people start to think more about when something causes emotional distress- such as aging, or issues related to how they look. What we discovered was, our modern lifestyles really contribute to major issues that cause flaws in how we look- think about what changes happen to your body when you are stressed out of your mind!

This led to us trying to reach working professionals, and we tried to represent their struggles in a visual way, as you can see here.