Who We Are



We empower small business owners using data-driven marketing strategies.


A marketing agency that doesn't market itself.

Believe it or not, we don’t do much to market ourselves. We don’t place ads, we post on social media maybe once a month. If you ask why, we get most of our business through existing clients who are so happy with us that they recommend us to their network. The second reason has to do with our corporate culture: We would much rather spend time getting a client more business than market ourselves. At some point, we will probably do a couple things here and there to help promote Locate, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of us delivering results for our clients.

Who We Are

We are small business marketing experts serving NJ.

Our team knows that small businesses are unique. Cookie-cutter techniques don’t work, and end up costing small business owners more than what they can afford. We come in, and clearly show you a path to digital success.

Data-Driven Marketing

We make our decisions based on data- a lot of it actually. This helps us achieve a better return on what you are spending. Using data from hundreds of different sources, we constantly improve your campaigns, and give you insights to enhance your business.

Advanced Strategies + Marketing Experts


We believe that advanced marketing strategies are for every type of business, no matter what their budget is. We strive to bring our proven marketing strategies to local businesses to empower them in the digital age to grow their business.


Our team is a group of passionate individuals who understand what it’s like to run a small business. We know the challenges you face everyday, and we also have the solutions.

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  • 527 Franklin Ave, Nutley NJ 07110

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